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Frequently Asked Questions

BigglyBoo Baby Socks

Questions about our socks

Are your socks very tight? Will they cause scarring?

  • No. The socks are designed to be snug without being too tight. That being said, make sure you are buying age appropriate socks for your baby. Insert your finger into the sock while the sock is on your baby's feet, so you can tell if it's too tight or not. It shouldn't be if you have ordered age-appropriate socks. However, all babies are different and some can have different size or shape feet for their age. So, always check to make sure it's not too tight.

What material are your baby socks made of?

  • Our socks are made from 95% cotton + 5% spandex.

What sizes do your baby socks come in?

  • Our socks come in two sizes: Small (S) and Medium (M). The small size fits babies between the ages of 4–12 months and the medium size fits babies between 13–24 months. There is no need to select based on size—just select based on how old the baby is. The socks are flexible and can stretch so one size can fit a baby of range of months.

The color seems a little bit different than what I'm seeing on my screen. Why is that?

  • Differences in color may be caused by things like your monitor settings, lighting, background etc. However, if you believe that the pair of socks you ordered is the wrong color, please contact us to see if a return or refund is possible. 

How do I wash the baby socks?

Care Instructions:

  1. Machine wash gently with similar colors. Don't exceed 30°C (80°F).

  2. Don't bleach. Hang to dry or tumble dry low.

  3. Don't dry-clean. Low temperature ironing is okay.

Will the baby socks shrink if I was them?

  • No, they won't, if you follow our care instructions.

Will the color come off if I wash the socks?

  • No. Our socks are of high quality and the color should not fade or come off with washing.

Will the baby socks slide off easily?

  • These baby socks have elastic cuffs, which make them quite snug without being too tight. Furthermore, the design of heel also makes it hard for the sock to slide off. 

How thick are the baby socks?

  • Medium-thick. This makes them great for all seasons and year long use.

Questions about shipping

How long will it take to get to me?

  • We aim to ship your order within 1–2 days of receiving it. And it should arrive at your door within 2–3 weeks. Although it has never happened, if your socks have not arrived by then, please let us know and we can give you a full refund.

We hope that we've answered any questions that you may have had. If not, please be sure to contact us and ask us. Otherwise, please check out our cute baby socks!