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BigglyBoo Winter Baby Socks — Winter Foxie - BigglyBoo Baby Socks
Winter Baby Socks - Winter Foxie
Winter Baby Socks - Winter Foxie

BigglyBoo Winter Baby Socks — Winter Foxie

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Problems with other winter baby socks

  • They are too loose, so they always fall off and you lose them
  • They are too tight, so they cut off circulation and possibly cause scars
  • They are not warm enough
  • They are difficult to clean and shrink when you wash them

Our BigglyBoo Winter Baby Socks are designed to address all of these problems. 

The advantages of BigglyBoo winter baby socks:

This is "Winter Foxie"

Winter Foxie is a warm pair of cute winter baby socks that represents a baby that's super smart. Does your baby show signs of being a little genius? Then they are definitely a clever little Foxie!

Sizing & Shipping Info

The "M" in the size menu stands for "months"—the age of your baby. So, please select based on how old your baby is. The socks are flexible and can stretch so one size can fit a baby of a range of months.

For example: the 6M size fits babies around 6 months old, the 12M size fits babies who are around 12 months old, and so on.

Shipping time: We aim to ship your order within 1–2 days of receiving it. And it should arrive at your door within 2–3 weeks. So, please order with this timing in mind—we really appreciate your patience!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!


Gender: Unisex
Material Composition: 95% cotton + 5% spandex
Sock bottom: Non-slip