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What Newborn Baby Socks Stay On?

What newborn baby socks stay on?

Our little bundles of joy need socks to keep them all warmed up and comfortable. You know baby warmth tends to escape through their feet and head, which makes socks a necessity for them. But babies being babies have this ‘secret superpower’ of being able to be rid of their socks while roaming about. This brings us to a very critical but important question usually asked by parents tired of trying to locate where each leg of their baby socks is once the baby has performed their usual magic of getting rid of the socks.

So, what newborn baby socks stay on?

Looking at it from another angle, you’re probably surprised how babies can take off specific socks and not able to remove a few others. You may feel they are the typical socks everyone wears, just shrunken to fit smaller wearers. But, that's so not the case. If you take a keen look at these baby socks that stay on, you'll notice the design specially for our little ones with features that enable them to fit perfectly and a lot more challenging to take off. For instance, some of these baby socks come with a thin elastic band that would stick to the baby's little legs but won't squeeze their legs, leaving painful scars. These types of socks are great for active babies, and no matter what activities your infants, toddlers or growing babies are involved in, you can be sure you won't go looking for any pair of socks once it's over.

There are also socks with designs such as the ‘triple roll’ where you can stretch the socks to fit around calves. This way, your baby would find it difficult to pull them off if the placement is around the ankle. You'd be delighted if you find a sock which is difficult for your baby to take off, as episodes of missing socks when it's time for laundry would seize to happen.

At bigglyboo, we stock only the most elegant baby socks that stay on. Our socks are in two categories:

  • Aminal collection, and Weather collection
Let’s take a look at two of the best baby socks that stay on even when you have a hyperactive baby that tries to get rid of them while playing. 

    Bigglyboo pink sun weather baby socks: The bigglyboo pink sun baby socks is for adorable babies who love playing and are not scared of outdoors. It's a non-slip sock made of a mix of Spandex and cotton which has elastic band to keep the socks suck on your baby legs without injuries or scars. It comes in varying sizes so that you can pick the right size for your baby, would suit babies from 6 months to 24 months. You'll appreciate the flexibility and stretchability of the socks so that you can use one size for babies of varying months.

    Bigglyboo happy puppy animal socks: Again for active babies, you'll love the happy puppy animal socks. Asides expressing your super cute baby's personality, you'll appreciate how it keeps your baby from slipping and doesn't let your active baby take it off. It has a non-slip bottom and is made of 95% cotton material and 5% spandex. Like the pink sun weather baby socks, it doesn't leave scars on the baby's soft legs and comes in varying sizes fit for different ages (from 6 months to 24 months/2 years).

    Final Thoughts

    Babies have fragile legs, and as such shouldn't be wearing tight socks which would leave scars on their legs. You need socks which would fit them properly and won't easily come off.

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