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What Are The Right Pair Of Socks For Babies?

Different socks have different purposes. But, what's most important is that you know how to pick the right pair for your baby.

Firstly, the socks have to fit perfectly without being too tight. This decreases any irritation to your baby's feet and doesn't constrict blood circulation.

The material of the socks is a major factor to consider. Usually, baby’s socks are made of cotton and/or fiber. It's best to stick to cotton because it's a tried, tested, and true material that is soft enough for baby skin. You do not want to use some strange material that may cause allergic reactions.

Secondly, as all moms know, when it comes to baby socks, the universal rule of socks is that they will mysteriously disappear, no matter how many you buy. So our advice? Buy in bulk, so you always have a stash of baby socks handy. Pro tip from moms who’ve been there, done that: buy one color in bulk, that way you never have to worry about mismatched pairs.

And lastly, keep in mind that different ages and stages require different kinds of socks:

  • Infants: Soft, cotton and cozy are key, with enough elasticity to keep them in place on tiny baby feet.
  • New walkers: Socks with a bit of grip are probably a good bet to stabilize your adventurous babe, since they’ll be toddling sans shoes a lot.
  • Toddlers and beyond: Their socks will have to actually go into shoes, so consider length, fit and thickness, so the transition to shoes will be a comfortable one.

Our BigglyBoo baby socks all are made of mostly cotton, are extremely cozy and warm, and they all have anti-slip grip at the bottom. So, our socks can work well for intants, new walkers, as well as toddlers.

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