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Should My Newborn Baby Wear Socks?

Should My Newborn Baby Wear Socks?

Most new parents are concerned about what and what not to put on their babies, thereby asking lots of questions. One of the age-old, seemingly unanswerable questions has been if newborns can wear socks.

We regard it as ‘seemingly unanswerable' because many parents have different views about their newborn wearing socks. While some think it is important to cover the baby's feet, others feel going completely barefoot helps the child's feet development.

But Are Socks Really Good For Your Newborn?

There are some considerations to be made before deciding on whether your baby should wear socks and what type.

There are various types of baby socks, and what is suitable should depend on your baby. However, the general answer to the above question is yes!

So Why Does Your Baby Need To Wear Socks?

  • Baby's feet and hands usually are cooler than other parts of his/her body; thus, heat is easily lost. Since the newborn is unable to control its body heat, socks are the best option for ensuring the warmth is circulated and appropriately conserved.
  • Socks are said to reduce irritation in babies' feet. Since their skin is highly sensitive, exposure to adverse elements such as the scorching sun can cause sunburn. However, with a pair of socks on, it is less likely.
  • When your baby puts on shoes, the friction between them and their legs can cause blisters and irritation. Also, moisture builds up because of the heat generated between the shoes and their feet. Wearing socks whenever your little man wears shoes is a compulsory thing because it will help absorb the moisture and prevent blisters or irritations.

Before Buying A Pair Of Socks For Your Baby

Do note that you must spend your money on quality baby socks for your little one. But, before you splash your cash on any pair of socks, here are a few things you should consider.


The size of the socks you buy for your child matters a lot. If the socks are too small, they might cause red rings which might become a permanent scar on your child (hyperpigmentation).

In the same vein, you mustn’t buy ones that do not have elastic bands because they will keep falling off your baby’s legs. In all, try putting your finger in-between the socks and your baby's leg. If you can do that easily, then the socks are not too tight and are recommendable.


Since newborns, especially toddlers and crawlers or pre-crawlers, tend to mess their socks up more frequently, it is crucial to have extra pairs. Depending on how often you do laundry, your baby should have at least five pairs of socks.

Care Of Baby Socks

It is one thing to have quality socks for your baby, and it is another to be able to care for them properly. Baby socks are made with soft materials and hence must be cared for properly:

  • Wash similar colors gently with a washing machine and temperature shouldn’t exceed 30ºC or 80ºF.
  • Never bleach your baby's socks. Hang out to dry or tumble dry.
  • Ironing it at low temperatures is advisable, and you mustn't dry clean.


Wearing socks is okay for your baby for many reasons. It will keep them warm, comfortable, and un-irritated. It is also important to pay attention to the type, quality, and size of socks you buy for the baby. They are often made with soft materials like cotton and fiber. Any other material might be uncomfortable for them.

After purchase, make sure you look out for any adverse reactions you baby may have so you can make better choices.

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