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Should Infants Wear Socks to Bed?

Should infants wear socks to bed?

New parents are always very tense when it comes to caring for their babies.
They're hardly ever sure of what their baby needs and end up asking a plethora of questions. Amongst most of the frequently asked questions is whether it is proper to let an infant go to bed with socks on. An adult can go to bed with socks and experience little or no discomfort, depending on their comfort levels. But do they feel sleeping with socks on? Is it right to stuff your baby’s feet into socks before tucking them in?

Babies tend to have different comfort levels, so no one formulation suits them.
To understand what works for a baby, a mother might need to pay close attention to the baby’s reaction when it's sleeping in its socks.

If the weather is humid, wearing your baby, an extra layer of clothing might increase its irritation or level of discomfort. However, in winter seasons when the weather is considerably cold, allowing your little one sleep with his/her socks on can help it stay warm and comfortable.

Before you put your baby to sleep with its socks on

Check the temperature of the room. Infants find it hard to do anything about their body temperature, so understanding of when and when not to wear them socks is essential.

According to AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics), checkingor gauging the room temperature in which the kids are sleeping in is important.

It implies that if the room is cold enough to freeze your feet, it's the same for your baby. So, wearing your baby some cotton socks can help it have a comfortable sleep through the night.

While you are worried about your baby getting frozen overnight, overheating is another serious concern. Much more serious than your baby getting cold.
According to NICHD (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development), if a baby’s body is overheated or gets too warm, there is an increased risk of suffering SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

You may have to continually monitor your sleeping baby for any signs of overheating- like when its body feels abnormally hot when touched.

What material of socks should your baby wear to sleep?

If it becomes necessary that your baby should put on socks to bed, experts advise that you should NOT make them wear mittens or woolen socks.

This is because woolen materials or mittens make a baby irritable. Cotton socks or material remains the best to keep a baby comfortable and warm.

There are ‘smart socks' that the marketers say can control a baby’s temperature as it sleeps and blah blah blah! Experts have advised parents against it. Don’t fall for it!

An article on the Journal of the American Medical Association advises that smart socks are not what they claim to be. It can cause several issues for your baby, such as sleeplessness and regular hospital visits. Worse still, these products are not even endorsed by the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration).


If you step into your baby’s room or you sleep in the same room with it, and you feel cold, there are chances that your little one is cold too. It is safe to put a pair of nice socks over their tootsies.

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