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Pre-walkers & Crawlers

Pre-walkers & Crawlers

Is your child a pre-walker or a crawler? Any child who hasn’t yet shown interest in walking or standing falls into this category. Big changes occur during this time, which is usually 6 to 10 months—this is when the basic structures of the foot start to take shape. You can expect your baby’s feet to grow three sizes and measure half the length of their eventual adult foot by their first birthday!

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Did you know that newborns have no bones in their feet at all? Instead, they have what is best described as a spongy cartilage that will slowly ossify into the 26 bones and 33 joints that make up a normal adult foot. The process of ossification will continue for their entire childhood—until age 18. But it’s in these first, pre-walker months that your baby’s feet are the most delicate.

Because baby feet contain soft cartilage, they can easily sustain developmental abnormalities when not cared for properly. Constrictive or ill-fitting shoes and socks place repeated pressures and tensions on the foot that can impede growth or cause developmental problems that persist for years. For healthy baby feet, be sure to check the fit of your baby's footwear often. Make sure you're buying socks that are the correct size based on the age of your baby. Also, make sure that the socks are breathable (i.e., made from cotton). Our socks match all of these criteria to ensure your baby's feet are not constricted. For shoes, prepare to replace shoes every few months, and allow them to go barefoot as much as possible. When shoes are a must, always opt for a soft sole shoe to let those little toes stretch and strengthen as they prepare for their next great adventure.

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