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Is There a Chance I Can Predict My Baby's Personality?

Is There a Chance I Can Predict My Baby's Personality?

There's no single approach to understanding how your baby's personality will develop. Or the kind of child he or she will grow into, or the choices they are likely to make as they grow. Several factors sum up how a child's personality is built. And more often than not, they are note within your control; your child's genetic composition, for example.

However, there are certain things you can look out for when trying to unravel your loving child's personality. Remember, every child is different, and that irrespective of your personal preference for behavioral patterns, your child's uniqueness is what makes them unique.

Not allowing your parental sentiment or preference to overwrite your child's natural identity can help you on the journey to know your baby better.
Realistically, the first few weeks of birth is too early a time to understand your baby's behavioral pattern. A ranging number of factors including your pregnancy hormones and the way your body processes them can affect how your baby behaves. Below are other factors that can affect your child's personality at birth and within the early weeks of infancy.

Health and Diet

What you consume as well as what your child consumes can affect a child's behavior at infancy. Since many a time, breastfeeding is first introduced before processed food; what you eat is basically what your child eats. Your wellness is expected to reflect on your child.

Great diet can aid sleep and bring some calm. Malnourished feeding can make the child pass as easily irritated; a reality which may not adequately protect the child's real innate personality. Your child's health status can also determine their early and even advanced stage behavioral patterns.

Time of Labor and Difficulty in Birth

Early or late time of labor can bring about problems with body organs' adaptability. Your child is new to a cold world away from the warm, cozy feel when on the inside, worse still at an abnormal time. This could hamper the way your child relates to their new environment. He or she may showcase irritable or withdrawal tendencies. Difficulty in birth can also be a cause of distorted temporary personality traits that may not tell all about your child's real personality.

Brain Maturation

Different babies have different brain maturation time frame. Babies who develop early on can quickly showcase identification features, especially of those that are often around. They also tend to develop a sharp sense of smell, touch, and sensitivity to light or dark than others without the same rate of development.
Other factors, such as the length of labor and support from family and friends, can also contribute to early personality build-up. They do not, however, tell well of the way a child will go. As hormonal and birth influence hits an all-time low, the innate personality of your child begins to hit the surface.

In predicting your child's personality, you need to be prepared for some erratic outcome. As you may have known, the human behavioral trend is not robotic and even repeated behavioral signals do not overwhelmingly give a definite clue of a person's possible character outcome. An unusual situation can make your baby behave in the way you've never seen before. A fussy baby may become suddenly calm and easy, while the calm one might grow aggressive overnight.

While genetic is a core factor, the environment a child lives and grows also has a center stage on the personality and of course your chance of predictability. As your baby grows, your chance of knowing his or her next step grows further, and because babies learn a lot from the adult they grow around, you become a deciding factor in the way your baby behaves. Life events, including illness and experience, can also affect personality.

Since much of how your child develops depends on so many factors than you can control, a keen sense of observation and an open mind maybe your surest path in unveiling the possible behavioral pattern of your precious child.

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