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Indoor Toddler Activities to Make Babysitting Fun

Indoor Toddler Activities to Make Babysitting Fun

Phew! Babysitting toddlers is a piece of work! But it shouldn’t be so…
When you’re stuck indoors with your toddler whose leg muscles are strong enough, they start cruising on both feet, ruining stuff around the home and messing their socks more frequently.

Since moving around strengthens their feet more, it is okay to formulate activities that will keep them walking around while building their mental abilities.
You can actually turn things around with some creative indoor activities. These activities are bound to keep your little one engaged for more extended periods, giving you all an enjoyable time together.

Also, some indoor toddler activities are capable of exciting the creative skills of the child, which will make it develop into a problem-solving adult.
Below are some indoor toddler activities and how they are done.

If you have some balloons, finger paint, Pom poms, fly swatter, Popsicle sticks, golf tees, straws, etc., you can turn these materials into a setup to engage your toddler for hours. Here are the different activities these materials can help spice up:

Balloon Hockey

Balloon hockey is a game whereby your toddler uses a fly swatter to hit a balloon around like a game of hockey.

Inflate a couple of balloons and hand him/her a swatter. You can start by showing your toddler how it is done. Try different types like hitting the balloon around and trying to keep it from touching the ground.

If you want a much more challenging session, you can set up a goal post and let the kid try to hit the balloon in.

You can also encourage the child to keep one or more balloons from hitting the ground for as long as possible.

Pom Pom Drop

If you have toilet paper rolls, it can come handy for this activity.
The pom-pom drop activity involves dropping the former through a paper towel or tissue paper rolls securely tied to a wall or door.

For a more challenging task, you can have your toddler pick up the pom-poms with tongs or clothespins. You can also build the child’s alertness by dropping the pom pom from the top hole and asking him/her to catch it from underneath using a tiny bowl.

After dropping the pom poms, you can have your toddler sorting it into different containers either by color or size.

Straw Threading

In this activity, you are going to get as many straws as you can and cut them into tiny bits. Ask your toddler to thread the cut straw onto pipe cleaners either using mixed colors or a particular pattern.

Ring Toss

After you must have made some pipe cleaners into a ring, let your toddler stand some feet away from a bowl. Hand him/her the pipe cleaners and see if it can be thrown into the bowl from that point.

You can have several bowls and let your kid throw the pipe cleaners in by colors.

Card Slot Drop

This activity is quite simple. It involves using an empty transparent container with a lid. Cut a slot on the lid and let your toddler put cards through.

To make the activity more challenging, you can punch holes in the container and let your child put q tips through. Also, you can require them to put in the cards or q tips by numbers or colors respectively.

Cheerio Threading

You can also have your toddler busy indoors by threading cheerios onto pipe cleaners.

For a more straightforward challenge, give them already cut pipe cleaners and have them push the latter through the holes on a colander.

Bowling Cans

Your drink-holding cans are not useless and can be used for bowling once you are stuck indoors with your toddler.

Ask them to stack the cans each on top of the other as high as they can. Next, help them arrange the cans like bowling pins. Let them use a tennis ball or waffle ball to bowl.

Being stuck indoors with your toddler should be so much fun if only you can engage them in some of these mind-building activities. Furthermore, in case the room temperature feels too cold, it might be good to let your toddler have his/her socks on.

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