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Doctors warn against tight baby socks

Doctors warn against tight baby socks

Two doctors in the US reported a series of cases where they found that baby's had scarred skin from baby socks that were too tight. Drs Berk and Bayliss, who are internal medicine doctors in the Pediatrics Department of Washington University Medical School, reported that hyperpigmentation in baby skin was caused by sock-line bands.

sock line scarring in babies

Hyperpigmentation of the skin is when patches of skin become darker in color than the normal surround skin. These areas of hyperpigmentation were often raised on the skin, which means that it was scar tissue.

Although the condition is not harmful, it definitely affects how your baby looks. So make sure the socks that you buy for your baby are not too tight! Our socks at BigglyBoo are made so that they are not too tight for the specific ages. They also have enough stretch so that they can fit a range of ages comfortably. However, there are always babies who are exceptions—some babies have very large feet for their age! So, it's best to check with your finger to see if the sock is too tight for your baby.

Here are some interesting links that talk more about sock-line scarring in babies:

Read up and be well-informed before you buy and put anything on your baby!

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