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Cute Baby Girl Names, Meanings, and Origins

Cute Baby Girl Names, Meanings, and Origins

Congratulations, it's a girl!

The moment you’re told your baby is a girl, there’s a rush of things in the parents’ minds. One of those things, will be how to provide for the baby, getting girlie stuff and what not. The other will be what cute, catchy name the baby should have.

Straight up, we all want our babies having cute names. However, before embarking on this daunting search, there are a few considerations that must be made.

First, you may have to consider your family’s tradition in naming baby girls. Some traditions allow for three to four names. The baby would have a first, middle and last name. You would ensure you’re able to give your baby girl a name that blends into the existing family names.

Secondly, you may be inspired to name your baby girl after a public figure. A figure known for negativity might not sit well with you, and no one wants to be associated with evil.

Thirdly, you may want to give your daughter a meaningful name – at least one that has a ‘good' meaning or that sends a message. Without proper research, you might not know what specific names mean.

We have put together a list of popular and cute baby girl names, their meanings and origins to help you have a clear idea of what you intend to name your little cutie.

  • Mila: Mila is a girlie name of Slavic origins. The name is said to be coined from the Slavic word name ‘Milu' which means ‘dear’ or ‘gracious.’
  • Maya: The name ‘Maya' cannot be pinned to a particular origin, but the earliest use is said to come from both Sanskrit and Hebrew backgrounds. In Sanskrit, Maya means ‘illusion' while in the Hebrew language, it translates to ‘water.’
  • Clara: Clara is the female version of the popular Latin name ‘Clarus' which means ‘clear.' It is a name mostly selected by mothers who think they see a brightness in the destiny of their new baby girl.
  • Esther: Esther has been a popular name, and many of us think it might be Hebrew because of notable mentions in the Holy Book. However, the actual origin of this name cannot be verified. It is closely twined with a Persian name for the star. Also, the name sounds like the name of the Near Eastern goddess of fertility and love, Ishtar. 
  • Farah: If you are Arabic, then there is no better way of expressing your joy in having your baby girl than naming her Farah. The name means joy. 
  • Gwyneth: Gwyneth is a name that can be traced to Welsh origins. It is an expressive moniker that translates to blessed or happy.
  • Hannah: Hannah has several origins of Hebrew, Latin and Greek backgrounds. The Latin for Hannah is Anna, and it translates to God’s grace. 
  • Ellie: There might not be many names cuter than Ellie. The English moniker is coined from Greek Helen and means' A shining light.' Helen means moon or torch. 
  • Sadie: Sadie is a less frequently used form of Sarah, and it translates to a princess. 
  • Faye: Some say this baby girl's name is mystical. However, it was derived from the mid-English times, and it translates to a fairy.
  • Zoe: One of the most trendy baby girl names, especially in the western world today is Zoe. However, the name originated from Greek, and it translates to life.
  • Rihanna: This might come as a surprise to those who thought the name Rihanna was just a fancy moniker picked up by a top music diva. The name has Arabic origins and means sweet basil. Furthermore, one of Prophet Muhammad’s wives was called Rayhana, which is believed to be where this name was coined. 
  • Gabriella: Gabriella is another popular baby girl name around the globe. It is a derivative of the male version Gabriel which has Italian origins. Gabriella means God is my strength. 

There are tons of names that you can give your girl child, but these are popular globally while being sweet to the ears. However, if a name has a meaning that doesn’t sit well with you, you can move on to the next one.

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