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Cute Baby Boy Names, Meaning, and Origin

Cute Baby Boy Names, Meaning, and Origin

Congratulations! It's a boy! Now, it's time to choose a fitting name for the newly arrived bundle of joy. So, what would he be called?

The names parents give their baby boy may depend on several factors. However, younger parents want cute fancy names for their kids these days and may deviate from the norm.

While you can do a quick search on the internet for a cute name for your baby boy, it would make more sense if you know a little bit more details (like the origin and the meaning) on the kind of name you are giving your child. Knowledge of this can help you choose what you'd like to do. Either go ahead with the naming or have a change of mind and pick something else.

What to Consider When Naming Your Baby Boy


The tradition of your people plays a significant role in the naming of your baby boy. Take the US for example; a child can have three names – a first, middle, and family/the last name. Sometimes, the tradition gives allowance for two middle names. However, it is crucial to make a few inquiries about your family's naming pattern before naming your baby boy.


Some families consider the tradition of name-sharing between a boy child and another family member. In some families, there is the senior or junior category of name-sharing. In this situation, a boy can be given his father's name but with the ‘junior' tag. However, if the grandson is to be given the same name, roman numerals are often used to distinguish them such as John II, III, V, or IV.

Another not-so-popular kind of name-sharing includes using a particular first name but giving the boys different middle names to differentiate them.

Public Figures

This might not be the case for everyone, but most parents are inspired to call their baby boy the same name that a particular public figure bears. Here are a few cute baby boy names that are popular in 2019, their meanings, and origin.

  • Noah: Noah is a Hebrew name, and it means ‘to comfort.'
  • Liam: Liam is a baby boy name of Irish origin, and it means ‘a resolute protector.' It was initially a short form for the name William, but as it has gained popularity and is now a stand-alone name.
  • Logan: Logan is trendy for being a ‘boy name'; however, girls used to be called that. It is a name of Gaelic origins, and it means ‘from the hollow.'
  • Mason: The name ‘Mason’ can be traced to three origins – French, English, and Teutonic. It was popularized by the French though and believed to be coined from ‘Macon’ which means ‘stone worker.’
  • James: James is a popular name of English and Hebrew origins. The name is the English version of ‘Jacob,' and in Hebrew, it means a ‘supplanter or a heel grabber.'
  • Aiden: Aiden is a name that can be traced to Irish origins. However, the name was most popular amongst the Gaelic and Celtic folks. The name is associated with the Celtic sun, and fire god, Aodh and the meaning of the name is ‘the fiery one.'
  • Ethan: Ethan is a Hebrew name that has gradually become popular over the years and borne by people from many parts of the world. The name means ‘firm or strong.’
  • Lucas: Lucas is a name that was coined from another name, Luke. Lucas has English, French and Gaelic origins and it means ‘light.’
  • Jacob: Jacob is a biblical name of Hebrew origins and also a classical name which means ‘supplanter.'
  • Elijah: Although Elijah was the name of a biblical prophet of old times, more and more parents have been calling their kids that in the present generation. The name means ‘the Lord is my God.'

So there you have it, top popular baby boy names, their meanings, and origin.

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