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Could My Baby Have a Personality Before Birth?

Could My Baby Have a Personality Before Birth?

Although your baby cannot remember the time before birth, some personality traits can be forged while your child is still in the womb according to recent researches. Evidence suggests that while you are pregnant, your emotions are connected to your baby's through what is known as neurohormones. A variety of factors forms your baby's brain development. Since hormones are building blocks of emotions, the mother's emotional state during pregnancy could affect the child's mental health and psychological make-up.

Emotions are chemical molecules. Whether you are sad, depressed, or excited, studies show that your mood could be transported to your fetus through the baby's endocrine system that goes to shape how your baby's brain is forged. A pregnant woman's emotion can also determine the rate of flow of blood to the fetus, which could either enhance or hamper brain formation.

Another argument that supports personality as an inherent trait that could be amplified or suppressed during pregnancy is the development of the senses. Naturally, genetics take a leading role in determining a child's personality pathways before birth. The activity of neurohormones can, however, catalyze or hamper the early exhibition of genetic traits.

Beyond mood, the kind of diet and music a mother listens to is also believed to have effects on your child's personality even before birth. Mothers who explore varieties of food could be imbibing a culture of culinary versatility in the unborn child. This could reflect in the wide choice of diet as they grow owing to a super developed palette while in the womb. Children whose mothers select from vast food types and classes could breed children with the innate desire to try something new often.

Mothers' music choices during pregnancy could also dictate personality traits before birth. Calming and soothing music could help develop a child's cognitive skills, according to some researchers.

In terms of accents, some babies are also born with one. Depending on what they have heard in the womb, language structures and word patterns in babies can differ. An American baby could sound vastly different from French when crying, for example.

Going by some research, several connections have been made between mother-child experiences in the womb and how it combines with other factors including genetics and environment to forge a child's personality from birth and even as she grows.

How Do I Ensure My Baby Develops a Great Personality While Still in The Womb?

Although there is no conclusive research on the extent of a child's personality formation before birth, the conditions around your baby in the fetus stage could have corresponding consequences after you've had your baby. There's safety in putting in some conscious effort even though the results are not scientifically definite.

The first step is to live freely and unhinged, so depression or sadness doesn't crawl in. Of course, certain conditions could take you by surprise shifting your mood in a spasm, but remembering that your state of mind can influence your soon to be born child’s personality can keep you in check.

Positive visualization can also help you find fountains of inner joy that can be passed to your unborn child. Finding a calm place to relax, meditate, and recreate paradise in your head can give your unborn child a welcoming feeling into the world.

Calm and soothing music could also serve as a contact source for your child's inner peace. And by exploring varieties of exciting culinary dishes including ultra-flavored cuisines with super-dashing taste, you could be sending a message of mouthwatering adventure about the world that is to receive your incoming little human.

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